Unchain my Heart v. Ping-ting-schan


Dt. Jugendchampion
Landesjugendsieger Bayern
Junior Best in Show Meitingen 2016

CH Imperator Ad Acte
  CH Gawain Ad Acte
CH Winterholme That Broadway Man
 CH Alexa-At-Acte Astarte Gold
 CH Morgana Le Fay Ad Acte
CH Tuscany´s Challenger at Acte
  Jessica Bohemia Acro
 CH Radio GaGa v. Ping-ting-schan
 CH Midnightdream Amazing
Midnightdream One A Million
 CH Midnightdream Julia Roberts
  CH My Fair Lady v. Ping-ting-schan
CH Wenrick´s The Legend Continues
CH Rignolla Fancy That